Digital Oral History as Social Activism – Oral History Activism Sites

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As a part of Dr. Fejes’s presentation, “Digital Oral History as Social Activism,” his research assistant for the presentation, Valorie Ebert, compiled a brief listing of Oral History Activism Sites that collect and examine issues such as race, disability, feminism, and LGBT rights. The list includes links to all of the sites along with descriptions of the purpose behind the projects.

Social Justice Oral History Project List

Digital Humanities and Social Justice: Queer? Digital? Activism? – Gallery

As a part of Dr. Barclay Barrios’s wonderful presentation on Queer Digital Activism (QDA) , he encouraged all those attending to utilize social media to announce the nature of the lecture. He then directed them to meme generators as a way of engaging with the idea that although activism through social media may not create change, it can help foster an environment conducive to change.

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Digital Humanities and Social Justice: Greening the Game – video and interview

FAU’s Owl TV News attended Dr. Swanstrom’s presentation “Greening the Game: Using Video Games to Promote Environmental Awareness” on January 26 in which she discussed the interplay between video games and environmental responsibility. They also conducted an interview with Dr. Swanstrom, as well as some of the students who attended the presentation.