Equipment & Software

14 Computer Workstations:  iMac, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office

1 Instructor’s station: DELL computer, podium, digital projector, screen, laptop option, DVD player, access to laser printer (for 2D b&w laser printing), Microsoft Office

1 Printer Station (linked to Instructor station computer only) for 2D b&w laser printing.

1 3D Printing / Scanning Station: DELL computer with Microsoft Office and MakerBot’s Makerware; 1MakerBot Replicator (3D printer)
1MakerBot Digitizer (3D scanner)
1 spool of black filament
1 spool of white filament
1 spool of red filament
1 spool of gray filament
1 spool of yellow filament
1 spool of blue filament
1 spool of green filament

Laptops & Software
15 MacBook Pro: Final Cut Pro, the Adobe Creative Cloud, and Microsoft Office
3 MacBook Airs: Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office

Film and Video Equipment
GoPro Hero3 (with Curved & Flat Adhesive Mounts)
4 HD Camcorder Explorer Kits (each kit includes a camera, case, & software)

Gaming Equipment
1 xBox 360 + controllers + Kinect
xBox gamesBioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Assassin’s Creed III, Prey

1 Gazepoint GP3 Eye Tracker
1 LiveScribe Pen
1 Pack of LiveScribe Paper (3 per pack)
3 Califone LP2 Presentation Remotes

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