Iceland pic

In Reykjavik, Iceland at NonfictioNOW 2017

Hi, I’m Charlie Gleek and I am a doctoral student in Comparative Studies and the Graduate Assistant here in the AMP Lab. I currently teach courses in college writing in the Department of English and have a lengthy background in teaching, curriculum development, and training faculty and students working with educational technology, including systems such as Canvas.

My work in the lab centers around collaborating with faculty and students towards integrating digital humanities tools and media production into their research, teaching, and learning. For faculty and fellow graduate instructors, I’m happy to partner with you on everything from hosting your class here in the AMP Lab, work shopping particular applications or projects in your own classrooms or here in the lab, or even brainstorming with you about how you can merge digital humanities and media production into the courses that you teach. For students, I’m interested in working with you on everything from integrating digital media into your projects to using digital humanities tools to conduct research and analysis.  Digital humanities approaches and techniques are applicable across a range of disciplines —from art, culture, and literature to communication, linguistics, and politics —so I encourage you to come to the lab to explore the possibilities of what you can do with your teaching and coursework.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me or pop by the AMP Lab in AL 240 to chat about how you could leverage digital humanities tools into your research, teaching, and learning. You can also schedule time in the lab by completing this form. You are also free to stop by the lab with or without your class, during drop-in hours, which are Wednesdays from 2.00-7.00pm for the Fall 2017 term.


Finally, please take a look at our calendar for our current and upcoming events here in the lab. We hope to see you here in the AMP Lab soon.

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